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General Rules
  • Be friendly and respectful to other members. Any personal attacks aren't tolerated. If you really can't get along with someone, just don't talk to them.
  • No inappropriate content. All discussions should be kept at a PG-13 rating.
  • Threads may go off-topic a little every so often, and that's fine. However, try to keep it focused and avoid trying to deliberately change the thread topic.
  • If a thread already exists for something, there's no need to make another. Just put what you would post in the existing thread.
  • Link to large images or animations instead of placing them in [IMG] tags. This prevents page stretching or slow loading times.
  • Don't Back Seat Moderate. If something breaks rules or isn't in the right place, use the Report feature to inform the staff team to fix it.
  • Finally, have fun! We want all our members to enjoy themselves here.
Profile Rules
  • Your signature should not exceed this box of 650px by 350px.
  • No image in your signature may be larger than 400kb in file size.
  • Excessive animation or flashing imagery in avatar or signature images can cause loading or health issues for others. Be considerate in their use.
  • If you wish to advertise, do so only in your profile or signature. Advertised sites should comply to ZetaBoards ToS.
  • Don't register duplicate accounts. You only need one to join this board, so any others you make will be deleted.
Along with these rules, also make sure to follow rules located in specific forum areas, and the ZetaBoards Terms Of Service. Thank you.
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