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Kirby Series | 25th Anniversary
Topic Started: Aug 25 2017, 11:17 PM (157 Views)
Mr EliteL
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There never was one....but it's here now. A place to talk everything Kirby!

For the sake of the new Switch game revealed at E3, here's the video again.

Kirby 25th Anniversary

What I'm here to share is the 25th Anniversary celebration video Nintendo put out a few days ago, showing the Kirby series from start in 1992 to the 2018 Switch game. Enjoy the nostalgia and see the progression through the years.

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The Witch
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Oh wow happy 25th birthday Kirby! You know I never realized Kirby was actually older than me. This is my first time actually viewing the new Kirby game and it looks pretty awesome and fun as usual.

It seems the gimmic for this Kirby game has to do with this "heart" thingy that makes the enemies become your friends which I'm assuming enable you to have more than one player. :) I wonder if it will just be couch multiplayer or allow for any online multiplayer?

I think i will definitely pick it up and I'm surprised Kirby has never gotten his own topic till now.
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Dafuq u doin?

So I've never played Kirby before but recently started Planet Robobot for 3DS. It's fun so far but one criticism I have for the game is your life count resets whenever you turn the game off, which makes collecting them feel completely redundant. I was saving up lives for when the game will inevitably get tougher but it feels like I'd be better off just rebooting the game whenever my life count gets dangerously low. Are all Kirby games like this or is this just a strange design choice for Robobot? :,
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