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Motorsport Manager Lets Play; Create a Team Style
Topic Started: Sep 2 2017, 08:08 PM (365 Views)
Mini Maul
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Motorsport Manager Create a Team Lets Play

So after reading another Motorsport Lets Play I have decided I would try my own.
I will be continuing a play that I started yesterday which was a created team, starting for nothing,
I don't know exactly how the lets play will go but hopefully it'll turn out semi decently.

The game is also not a vanilla game, I have got a mod called Combined Ultra Mod - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1122103864
Which adds lots of drivers and balances the game a lot compared to the original game. Its just been released so I don't know anything about the mod, so its all on a whim.

Season 1
As I have already played through Season 1, I will just be giving a overview.

Rapture Racing, est Sept 1 2017, enters the European Series League, clearly the worst team, with the worst facilities, staff and drivers, the opening season will be tough.
I set expectation low by saying we will place last in the standing and automatically go into save money mode. I start to scout the thousands of drivers looking for a Pay Driver (Driver who pays us) to help with finance. I replace the two Race Mechanics and the Designer.

We end up finishing Last place in the 8 races but with a few Highlights, We built a Staff center to help with Staff improvements.
Other major changes were the voting for new rules:
> Double Points for the last race will be introduced next year (2018)
> Spec Engines will be enforced next year (2018)
> Spec Gearboxes will be enforced next year (2018)

As the year closed we lost all 3 drivers (2 starters and the reserve) after their contracts ran out.
Next year will be interested.

A more detailed description will be given about the league, team finances and drivers in the coming posts as ive just started season 2 and can take picture and screenshots etc.

European Racing Series Information

The European Racing Series (URS) is the bottom tier of 3 divisions, where we start. Things are quite a bit different down here. The prize fund is halved again to $125M, and 40M is the TV audience size. The calendar also shrinks to 7 events. There is no qualifying at all in this championship; starting positions are determined by reversing the current standings. All 20 drivers in each race earn points in the standings, making it easier for weaker teams to compete. Bonus points for the fastest lap are here as well. Practice and race lengths are shorter, resulting in quick, chaotic conditions. Fuel tanks last only 40% of a race, mandating at least two stops under a low 40mph speed. Merit payments are standard, with the top teams getting only a slightly higher payout. Tires are generally low-performance, and a large number are prepared for each race but the types are pre-determined. Both Front Wings and Rear Wings are standardized, but other parts are developed by each team.

European Racing Series Teams

Kruger Motorsport (4 Star). The recently demoted team from the above division, 1.1million fanbase and 60 staff, the should be leaders of this division. Kian Beasley and Phillip Dickerson have big expectations to get this team back where they belong.

Eastwood Motorsport (3 Star). With a fan base of 500k, based in the UK with 52 employees. Cannon Reilly and Royal Koch are their drivers.

Octane Racing (3 Star). 500k fanbase, Canadian HQ with 20 employees. With decent young drivers Neymar Vang and Roco Humphrey.

Vexala Motorsport (2 Star). 500k fanbase, Finland HQ with 54 staff. And Above Average Car with decent drivers. Drivers Mekhi Duffy and Nico Johns are both in their prime.

Firebird MRT (2 Star). 500k fanbase, Russia HQ with 51 employees. Middle of the pack runners with Pierce Suarez and Ronald Hancock as their drivers

Silva Racing (2 Star). 500k fanbase, based in Brazil with 51 employees. With Yosef Levine and Gerardo Matthews as their drivers, the best in the league.

Dragon Race Team China (2 Star). 500k fanbase, China HQ 51 members. Ahmed MacDonald and Benson Ibarra make a talented lineup.

Predator Racing Group (1 Star). 500k fan base, Australian HQ with 51 members. With the 9th worst car on the grid, but 2nd best staff, who knows what they can produce, Raid Be and Lawrence Stafford are their drivers.

Archer BMR (2 Star). 500k fan base. Archer is another UK-based team. Just like most teams, a middle of the pack with a decent overall package. Conor Henson and Moises Stephensson the drivers.

Rapture Racing (0 Star). 700k fan base, A British team with a HQ with 23 members. The worst stats on everything because we have just started from the bottom. Currently Maxim Esparza and Andre Gomes make the driver lineup.
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Mini Maul

Overall: 10th. It totally sucks. ZRT Autosport's is 2nd-worst, and about three to four times better.
Engine: SPEC
Gearbox: SPEC
Brakes: 10th, 35
Front Wing: SPEC
Suspension: 9th!
Rear Wing: SPEC

Tire Wear -- 1/5 Stars
Tire Heating -- 1/5 Stars
Fuel Efficiency -- 1/5 Stars
Improvability -- 1/5 Stars

So this year we have the worst chassis possible as we needed to save the money on top of the fact that the 2 parts that we can develop suck. We have finally got into 9th on the suspension. We really lucked out on the Voting to make Engines and Gearboxes Spec. It gives us a decent chance most races because there are only 2 parts that can be developed. We can spend money elsewhere rather the car to catch up.


So new teams staff with a Lvl1 Factory and Lvl Design Centre, every other team int he league has Lvl on both of those or more and more buildings. In the first year we built a Lvl1 Staff Centre which put us in 8th for those categories. We have also started building Lvl1 Scouting Facility and a Lvl2 Factory.

So behind, but hopefully not for long.

Overall: 10th
Design: 10th
Factory: 10th
Performance: 10th
Staff: 8th
Staff & Brand: 8th


Andrew Gomes(23, 2 years, $307k per race, $60k Bonus for 1st) -- So Andrew Gomes is the only surviving member of the original 3 drivers at Rapture Racing, I resigned him based off the fact he is semi decent and has decent traits. He has 76% Marketability which is greater us as we need decent sponsors to keep afloat. His Stats though aren't that special and he has hit peak so won't improve. Is contracted as the 2nd driver so he won't complain about parts and what not.
Posted Image

Maxim Esparza(24, 2 years, $231k per race, $60k for 1st) -- So we didn't have a 2nd driver going into the first race so Maxim is fairly new here, only racing twice up to the point of this race but has potential. He is a Pay Driver so i actually make money for him raving which was the whole point of getting him. He stats are poor, he is very raw with poor traits, but he is better than a rolling contract driver and he earns me money. Bonus! Also contracted as a Reserve just incase i find another good driver.
Posted Image

Milena Coser(17, Rolling Contract $1k) -- Like I said in Maxims description, I only had 1 driver heading into the opening race and after acquiring Maxim, I'm still looking for another driver, but she keeps the costs down being cheap and being i don't tend to use her. Its not that much of a problem.
Posted Image

Overall the drivers are not that good, but I am semi happy with them, they can compete with other drivers and can pick up some points, after all, I'm just trying to pull a profit in the first few years to build up my buildings and what not before making a attempt on the division.


Lead Designer Hammond Hugh(29, 1 Year $107k) -- So with the Race Mechanics and Designer, I wanted someone semi decent and keep them throughout the first few horrible years. So Hugh is actually a decent Designer. he has 4 Designing components which is amazing, though I won't be using them very much in the opening years, someone to move forward with.

Race Mechanic Korbin Arnold(31, 1 Year $45k) -- An Average Race Mechanic but with decent chemistry bonuses for the racer, Slower Wear on Softs is a great trait to have. Pretty average across his 6 stats.

Race Mechanic Justice Chavez(25, 2 Years, $36k) -- Not as evenly balanced as Korbin but still pretty decent, Traits also aren't as great but Slow Wear on Mediums is pretty good, with the Super Overtake Mod as the 2nd trait which is awesome if you can get there.


Pauline Payling has been hired by the Chairman to be our Chief Scout, currently she is scouting every single free agent to try and find either a hidden gem or another Pay Driver.


The current bank balance looks healthy, sitting at $33,718,000, but with cars costing 5mill+, i like to have a bit in the kitty for emergencies.

Next Year's Chassis: $550k
Driver Wages: $262k
Race Mechanics: $81k
Designer: $107k
HQ Upkeep & Staff: $121k
Travel Costs: $111k -- this includes tires and fuel as well

Without any sponsorship deals, this gives us a loss of $1,232,000 per race, which is why Sponsors are crucial.


Right now we have all six spots signed[/b]:

Transantartic Clothing -- Upfront Payment of $962,000, With Per Per Race of $444,000, 18 Races Left
Stonewell Bank -- Upfront Payment of $202,000, With Pay Per Race of $288,000, 8 Races Left
Golden Tiger Bank -- Pay Per Race of $213,000, 1 Race Left
FWK -- Pay Per Race of $249,000, 7 Races Left
Eve Technology -- Pay Per Race of $95,000 3 Races Left
Old George brewing Co. -- Must Finish 14th and Above for $152,000 1.5 Bonus in UK, 12 Race Left

Im not that happy about the EVE sponsor atm but its just a temp solution, being its only 3 more races.

All the guaranteed money sponsorship adds up to $1,289,000 With a potential extra $152,000 for finishing 14th.

Making the books balance giving us a profit of $52,000 per race guaranteed!
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Mini Maul
Current Standings
Like I said, I am 3 races into the second season so here are the current standings:
Posted Image

As you can se we are at the bottom of the pack but not far off at all, so things are hopeful going into the 3rd race in Beijing.

Race 4 - Bejing

Race Results
1. Ronald Hancock (Firebird MRT) -- 54:32:364
2. Moises Stephenson (Archer BMR) -- +8.0
3. Gerardo Mathews (Silva Racing) -- +14.5

A dramatic race at the end for Rapture Racing, All was going well until Koch crashed around lap 20/29, leading everyone to pit for fresh tyres and leaving us out to hang it out until the end.

6. Maxim Esparza (Rapture Racing) -- +20.4
8. Andre Gomes (Rapture Racing) -- +22.1

Driver Standings(4 of 9 events)

1. Gerardo Mathews (Silva Racing) -- 65
2. Nico Johns (Vexala Motorsport) -- 58
3. Pierce Suarez (Firebird MRT) -- 53
4. Royal Koch (Eastwood Motorsport) -- 51
5. Cannon Reily (Eastwood Motorsport) 50

The DNF could come back to haunt Koch and Eastwood Motorsport, too early to tell at the moment though.

9. Andre Gomes (Rapture Racing) -- 44
20. Maxim Esparza (Rapture Racing) -- 27

Team Standings

1. Silva Racing -- 111
2. Vexala Motorsport -- 105
3. Eastwood Motorsport -- 101

6. Rapture Racing -- 72

4 points separates 6th and 10th, but we will take it!

Finances: $247,000

-- 25/06/2017 -- Scout Report Finished on Tony Woodard, Not bad, averaging 11 on stats but Permanent Trait of Greedy (Slows improvement of others) no thank you.

-- 27/06/2017 -- Scout Report Finished on Matthias Sexton, Great Talent, averaging over 16 statistically and has been picked up by Marshall GT

-- 28/06/2017 -- Double Points Removed for Final Race of Season, Approved 5-4, I abstained as I didnt mind either way.

-- 13/07/2017 -- Scouting Report Finished on Leonidas Valenzuela, Again, a pretty average driver, not bad, averaging 11 with a trait of wanting to win trophies before he retires. He may get a chance at a team, at 19 he has got time.

-- 21/07/2017 -- Scouting Report Finished on Larry Moon, Overtaking machine, Maxed overtaking with decent traits such as Easy on Fuel, shame his marketability is a little low at 33%. Not for me, another scouting miss.

-- 23/07/2017 -- LEVEL 2 FACTORY COMPLETED
A huge moment for Rapture Racing, finally, some more buildings are available for unlock. Having a upgraded factory does come with a few cons such as a higher maintenance, but it’ll be worth it.

-- 23/07/2017 -- Brake Facility Being Built
Costing $6,650,000 and $120,000 to upkeep, its going to be interesting to see if we can stay in the green at race days.

-- 27/07/2017 -- DILEMMA
The Chairmen said Maxim Esparza was a perfect example and wanted to use him in Motorsport media campaigns, It would be a little distracting for Maxim but he would give us $500,000 and a free vote. I decided to accept, which gave Maxim a Temp Trait of Publicity Pawn (+25 Marketability, -10 Morale) I think I made the right choice.

Race 5 - Milan

Race Results
1. Royal Koch (Eastwood Motorsport) -- 32:12.721
2. Mekhi Duffy (Vexala Motorsport) -- +5.1
3. Ahmed MacDonald (Dragon Race Team China) -- +5.6

A late shower changed up a few places as Maxim rolled the dice and ran out of fuel.

11. Andre Gomes (Rapture Racing) -- +24.9
20. Maxim Esparza (Rapture Racing) -- +1lap

Driver Standings(5 of 9 events)

1. Gerardo Mathews (Silva Racing) -- 77
2. Royal Koch (Eastwood Motorsport) -- 71
3. Mekhi Duffy (Vexala Motorsport) -- 66
2. Nico Johns (Vexala Motorsport) -- 66
3. Pierce Suarez (Firebird MRT) -- 61

The DNF could come back to haunt Koch and Eastwood Motorsport, too early to tell at the moment though.

10. Andre Gomes (Rapture Racing) -- 54
20. Maxim Esparza (Rapture Racing) -- 28

Team Standings

1. Silva Racing -- 136
2. Vexala Motorsport -- 132
3. Eastwood Motorsport -- 130

10. Rapture Racing -- 83

And back where we belong! xD

Finances: -$53,000

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Mini Maul
-- 31/07/2017 -- Scouting Facility Build
More drivers to Scout! 115 of them apparently! Yay! :P

-- 02/08/2017 -- Scouting Report Finished on Kieran Villanueva, Australian, pretty decent, averagely stats out but nothing special or something we are looking for. least he is scouted though!

-- 05/08/2017 -- Scouting Report Finished on Lawson Chamcho, Bad at DRS lowers his stats, but still not the guy we are looking for.

-- 23/08/2017 -- RULE CHANGE for 2018, 9 Dry Tyre Choices implemented. Makes it slightly harder for us next year having to choose wisely about tyre choice. But its a small hitch, I abstained so I now have 3 votes for up and coming voting.

Race 6 - Munich

Race Results

1. Moises Stephenson (Archer BMR) -- 45:12.650
2. Phillip Dickerson (Kruger Motorsport) -- +0.7
3. Ahmed MacDonald (Dragon Race Team China) -- +11.1

Awful race all ruined by a pit stop, an 8 second delay on Maxim's pit stop put her from 3rd down to 11th, from there it was just holding on. We really needed those points.

14. Maxim Esparza (Rapture Racing) --
20. Andre Gomes (Rapture Racing) --

Drivers Standings(6 of 9 Events)

1. Gerardo Mathews (Silva Racing) -- 90
2. Nico Johns (Vexala Motorsport) -- 78
3. Pierce Suarez (Firebird MRT) -- 77
4. Royal Koch (Eastwood Motorsport) -- 76
5. Mekhi Duffy (Vexala Motorsport) -- 76

Team Standings
1. Silva Racing -- 158
2. Vexala Motorsport -- 154
3. Eastwood Motorsport -- 139

10. Rapture Racing -- 91

13 Points now, I really don't want to finish last again this year so Predator and Octane are our main rivals this year!

-- 27/08/2017 -- Scout Report Finished for Kasen Gilmore, Decent guy like the rest, but the traits need to stand out to pick him up, and they just aren't it.

-- 28/08/2017 -- Signed Sponsor Cortes Tire Co. for Race Payment of $415,000 A good sponsor to have.

-- 29/08/2017 -- Big Risk but we decided to go for it, Upgrading the Design Centre for a cost of $7,600,000 is a big sum of money, but if we can pull through this year in finances, then it should be ok.

-- 09/09/2017 -- Scouting Report Finished on Justice Mckee, Average again, NEXT!! (From now on ill just state significant drivers)

Race 7 - The Black Sea

Race Results

1. Raid Be Predator Racing Group) -- 43:27.296
2. Phillip Dickerson (Kruger Motorsport) -- +2.2
3. Neymar Vang Octane Sport) -- +17.9

Awful race, the results pretty much say it all, nothing went wrong, just terrible car with terrible drivers, this save is becoming quiet tiresome.

17. Andre Gomes (Rapture Racing) --
14. Maxim Esparza (Rapture Racing) --

Drivers Standings(7 of 9 Events)

1. Gerardo Mathews (Silva Racing) -- 91
2. Nico Johns (Vexala Motorsport) -- 90
3. Ahmed MacDonald Dragon Race Team China) -- 89
4. Pierce Suarez (Firebird MRT) -- 87
5. Royal Koch (Eastwood Motorsport) -- 87

18. Andre Gomes (Rapture Racing) -- 59
20. Maxim Esparza (Rapture Racing) -- 37

Team Standings
1. Silva Racing -- 174
2. Vexala Motorsport -- 171
3. Eastwood Motorsport -- 167

10. Rapture Racing -- 97

13 Point difference becomes 30, rip

Edited by Mini Maul, Sep 11 2017, 05:53 PM.
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Mini Maul

-- 18/10/2017 -- FAST SLICKS for 2018, voted in at 4-3, they cost and extra $30,000 which is not good but I abstained again, building up these votes, up to 5 now.

Race 8 - Dubai

Race Results

1. Lawrence Stafford (Predator Racing Group) -- 43:29.513
2. Maxim Esparza Rapture Racing) -- +1.0
3. Conor Henson (Archer BMR) -- +13.7

Wow, comparing the last 3 races to this one, completely different, everything just seemed to go great, both drivers got off the line fine and then 2 laps of safety car kinda settled everyone down. We could and should have one the race, but these are huge points for us.

4. Andre Gomes (Rapture Racing) --

Drivers Standings(8 of 9 Events)

1. Ahmed MacDonald Dragon Race Team China) -- 102
2. Conor Henson (Archer BMR) -- 99
3. Nico Johns (Vexala Motorsport) -- 99
4. Royal Koch (Eastwood Motorsport) -- 98
5. Mekhi Duffy (Vexala Motorsport) -- 97

Matthews drops right out the top five and two decent races for MacDonald has flown him into top spot. All very close going into the last race of the season.

16. Andre Gomes (Rapture Racing) -- 76
20. Maxim Esparza (Rapture Racing) -- 56

Maxim still rooted to the bottom of the the table and will probably end there, but who knows!

Team Standings
1. Vexala Motorsport -- 196
2. Archer BMR -- 189
3. Eastwood Motorsport -- 181

10. Rapture Racing -- 133

Vexala take the top spot going into the final race with Silva dropping right out of the top 3 (only by 1 point but still!) All to play for, We are still bottom, but oney 10 points behind Octane Racing, can we outperform them and finish 9th this year?!?

-- 28/11/2017 -- R&D Brakes Facility Completed
A little late to develop anything at the centre but will be very useful next season to hopefully get some real improvement in those brakes.

Race 9 - Vancouver

Race Results

1. Rocco Humphrey (Octane Racing) -- 41:28.463
2. Ahmed MacDonald (Dragon Race Team China) -- +0.5
3. Benson Ibarra (Dragon Race team China) -- +15.6

Decent race for Maxim, Gomes was going ok until someone destroyed his wing and from there he just had no options to get his tyre strategy going, which was a shame, probably cost us 9th in the Team Standings.

6. Maxim Esparza (Rapture Racing) --
19. Andre Gomes (Rapture Racing) --

Drivers Standings(9 of 9 Events)

1. Ahmed MacDonald Dragon Race Team China) -- 140
2. Nico Johns (Vexala Motorsport) -- 131
3. Royal Koch (Eastwood Motorsport) -- 120
4. Mekhi Duffy (Vexala Motorsport) -- 117
5. Ronald Hancock (Firebird MRT) -- 114

Matthews drops right out the top five and two decent races for MacDonald has flown him into top spot. All very close going into the last race of the season.

18. Maxim Esparza (Rapture Racing) -- 86
20. Andre Gomes (Rapture Racing) -- 80

Who would have thought Maxim would have finished above Gomes…A poor year for us. But we will be back…I hope

Team Standings
1. Vexala Motorsport -- 248
2. Dragon Race Team China— 246
3. Silva Racing -- 218

10. Rapture Racing -- 167

Eastwood Motorsport went from 3rd to 7th with the double points, a very tight championship, Vexala winning by just 2 points from Dragon Race Team China, that last race proves vital. Predator was our closest rivals in the end, 19 points away from them. It was a improvement from last year, but not by much which is worrying because of the fact we pretty much have all SPEC parts atm, this offseason will hopefully be productive.

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