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Support Us in Forum Promotion's Site Battle Tournament 2018
Topic Started: Mar 3 2018, 09:59 PM (45 Views)
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Dafuq u doin?

Hi folks!

I've just entered UG into Forum Promotion's Site Battle Madness 2018, which hopefully we'll do better in than last year (if you don't remember, we lost in the first round 11 votes to 12).

The contest doesn't start until after March 13th, but I want to make sure people are aware of our participation in advance this year so that we maximise the votes we get. Remember, the more rounds we're in, the more exposure we get, and the more chances we have at getting some new blood around here.

If anyone would like to create/request signature images to show their support, I encourage you to do so. ^_^
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I have no shame
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Lets see if we can win this time! :D I shall be keeping an eye for this to start.

*links to the cricket*
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