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Hi everyone!

I'm very happy to welcome all of you to the new home for Universal Gaming! I've worked very hard over the past week to get this place as presentable as possible so we can all get settled in and prepare ourselves for a busy month ahead, with E3 just around the corner and our Summer Meltdown event kicking off towards the later half of the month.

You'll notice UniV3rse, our default theme since 2011, is here with a new coat of paint. Please be aware the theme is still a work in progress, and therefore areas may be unfinished or potentially not working properly. Please report any bugs or other issues in its respective bug thread.

For those of you wondering about our universalgaming.net domain, we will be transferring it over to the board soon and will let you know when it's functional to access this site.
A new coat of paint you say? <_< Looks like it the same old theme to me!

I'm just kidding its coming along beautifully Moony. Grin
What about the staff images? Are those moving over too?
(06-06-2018, 11:19 PM)queenzelda Wrote: [ -> ]What about the staff images? Are those moving over too?
Yes. I just haven't gotten around to doing those yet, among many other elements of the theme as it isn't currently finished.
Nicely done, dude!

*A tip of a hat*.
Whoo, the start of a new place! Let's how quick we can---holy sweet Jesus, there's so many posts I can't keep up! I suppose I can save some for tomorrow to look through. Everyone's buzzing. Where's the honey? I want some!
I assume you don't have work tomorrow EL for you to be online at midnight?
May I copy my NES review over to this forum from the ZB one?
That shouldn't be a problem at all Tsu. Wink

Moral Compass Cricket Thingy is doing the same thing. Smile
@Yuri: Done! ¡Gracias!
I didn't know it was possible to get the exact look of one forum host, onto another! Good job!
I was shocked, but Moony has done an excellent job at it!

Your siggy kinda blends in now though ;u; XD
(06-07-2018, 01:47 AM)Hotspot Wrote: [ -> ]I didn't know it was possible to get the exact look of one forum host, onto another! Good job!
It took a lot of work as I had to rewrite the layout coding so posts format the way they do.

I'll handle any issues and whatnot tomorrow as I needed to take a break this evening after working on setting this place up for the last five days.
Watching this come together has been an experience in itself. Poor guy was on his laptop from the moment he woke til the moment I said we should go to bed. Worked out well in the end, though. My little hubby is a web developer now  :blush:
And one day soon he'll have his own forum site he's hosting that tons of people will join & he'll be the one to buy out tapatalk. Wink
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