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Global Forum Rules - Moonface - Jun 4th, 2018

Universal Gaming
Official Site Rules

As with any site on the internet, Universal Gaming has rules in place to ensure everyone can be welcome and happy here. Please take a moment to read through them, and we encourage all users to report any content that infringes upon our rules. Also, please be aware that individual forum areas may have their own additional rules. Thank you.

General Rules
  1. Keep it civil and respectful.
    Clear satire, leg-pulling, and reasonable jokes are one thing. Attacks and derogatory language are another, and will not be tolerated. There are no excuses for responding to an attack with one either. Appropriate punishment will be given to any party involved in breaking this rule, regardless of who started it.
  2. No NSFW content.
    Occasional swearing is fine. Slurs, illegal/adult content and discussions above a PG-13 level are not.
  3. Game Emulation
    While it is perfectly safe to discuss emulating games and their various emulation software, the distribution of copyrighted code is still considered illegal. Any direct links to sites hosting downloads to this type of software will be removed.
  4. Keep on topic.
    Sometimes things go a little off topic, but try to keep things focused as much as possible.
  5. Be considerate with large text and images.
    Be considerate of other users when it comes to posting large text or images, including animations. Not everyone has a 4K monitor and fibre internet.
  6. Bumping older threads.
    We don't have an issue with bumping of any thread as long as you are making a reasonable contribution to the thread.
  7. Advertising
    You may only advertise your site in your profile.
Account Rules
  1. One account per person.
    Users are permitted to one account per person. If we discover any duplicates, they will be removed.
  2. Signature sizes.
    Your signature should be no taller than 400px, and no wider than 650px.