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The Callisto Protocol Xbox Series X Review - Frank - Jan 13th, 2023


I totally dropped the ball and meant to post this back in December. My bad! 

Taking away any comparisons, it's a solid 7/10. The site I work with, it calculated to a 7.4. I haven't completed a DS game, so my opinion may be a bit skewed from most. I'm hoping to have an opportunity to review the Dead Space Remake. I think it'd be a fun perspective coming from someone who beat Callisto BEFORE Dead Space.

RE: The Callisto Protocol Xbox Series X Review - Moonface - Jan 19th, 2023

I have to be honest, for a review this is actually lacking heavily. More than half of what is on that page isn't reviewing anything; it's just explaining things like I'm reading the game description on a Steam page. To give some specific points that tell me very little:
  • You tell me how melee combat works, but nothing on your opinion of it. I have no clue if you find it good or bad.
  • The same applies to guns and the GRP glove. The best I got was there's variety, but is the entire gun lineup good, or do some lack? Do guns feel useful at all besides when the game forces you to use them on mutation tentacles? Is the GRP overpowered by allowing you to just toss enemies into instant death or did the limited meter keep it balanced for you?
  • There are skill trees, but how does that system feel? Does it branch in a way that lets players build their own playstyle, or does it encourage melee upgrades over guns because of how reliant the game is on melee?
  • Enemies look good visually, but from what I saw of the game their variety is limited when it comes to combat and visual design. I have no clue what your opinion is of the enemy design and variety besides "they look good".
The points in the score summary are practically all I would need to bother to read to glean your opinion on the game because of how little you expand on going into further detail in the actual review. In fact it even tells me more because it scores the gameplay and controls, of which no opinion is given in the review itself of how it feels.

When the review does start to dive into breaking down the good and bad of something it's good; it just feels like it makes up such a small part of the overall writing. Eh

RE: The Callisto Protocol Xbox Series X Review - Frank - Apr 22nd, 2023

@ Moonface  Months later, I appreciate the honest feedback. I was honestly rushed to get the review out, so I'm not surprised to see it lacking context. I went back and re-read it myself and agree. I'll take the feedback to heart  ^_^