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Nintendo Switch - queenzelda - 12-17-2018

[Image: nin-sw10.png]

The Nintendo Switch
~review by queenzelda

Basically it's a handheld Wii console, it's just your using two mini wiimotes instead of one. It's got a nice feel when your handling it once it's outside it's dock, though the controllers themselves feel a bit awkward if you have big hands. Yea, I get that perhaps Nintendo was aiming to sell this thing to kids, but not everyone has small hands. Tongue

Inside the dock the Switch runs at 1600 by 900, when running Fortnite, according to a web search I did. Not that I'd know, I don't play Fortnight. Tongue

Now, I say that the Switch is a handheld Wii console & your telling me; "Hey, now that isn't fair to the poor Switch it's new on the block how can you say it's basically a handheld Wii console?" Cause it is. (IMPO) Wait, wait before you berate me with tomatoes, let me explain my reasoning for this thought process. The Wii console had issues running games with bad frame rates; or had lag issues with second party titles. Same can be said with the Switch console. There are a lot of games out for both consoles, a lot of which some would consider shovel ware, mostly with the Wii yes I know.. BUT there's a ton of indy shovelware on the Switch, trust me I've seen the eshop for the Switch, the shovel ware is there.

The Switch atmo is everyone's favorite because it's versatile & you can take it where ever you go & play games on it. Well, to some extent it is. There are a lot of games available for both the Nintendo Switch & PS4, & a lot of times the PS4 version is superior to the Nintendo Switch version due to the game lagging on the Switch, bugs, or bad frame rates. With Nintendo made games of course you won't have any of these issues, but there was this very same issue with the Wii when it was first out of the gate as well, so it seems to me that Nintendo hasn't learned from it's past Wii mistakes with third party publishers being able to get things right the first time around getting a game onto their darling little console.

Personally, I think the Switch is alright. I like that I can take it with me & play on the games I have for it when I want. BUT at the very same time I'd love to be able to get RiME for the Switch & know that it would play flawlessly. But, it won't because it's laggy as all get out, compared to the smooth effortless way it plays on the PS4. I mean I know the Switch isn't the PS4, but the developer could have at least put some effort into porting it over to the Switch is my thought. Heck, when I went looking for Little Dragon's Cafe, I could have gotten the Switch version but because I knew of the issues it had playing on the console I ended up getting it for the PS4 instead. I mean, it's good to know that developers are willing to port their games to the Switch, but they need to do more then just port it over. They actually need to do some actual work to get the games to work properly, & until that happens the Switch will just be good to play indy games & Nintendo titles on, which is fine.

Not to mention the fact that some Switches are literally cracking, or the fact that in order to charge the console you have to plug the charger in at the bottom of the console where you'd be sitting it at on a table. There's no place at the top of the console, or side to plug the electric into in order to charge your Nintendo Switch, which has promoted many people to come up with their own hacks, before Nintendo released their own official charging station while in handheld mode.

There is a lot of good with the Switch, you get access to all of Nintendo's library of Switch games as they release. Same with when or if you decided to get online for your Switch, you'll then be able to play NES games when ever you want. Though from what I've read, the online component for Nintendo Switch's online isn't all that great.

My Rating: 7.5/10

Why such a low rating? Cause, Nintendo really needs to step up their game with their online offerings, not to mention the fact that the third party developers need to get off their collective a**es & actually make decent ported games. More so if Nintendo really wants to hit the sales figures of 20 million. source