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Your Gaming Setup - Moonface - 01-05-2019

It's been a long while since we had a thread like this, so I expect everyone will have some degree of change to their gaming setups since last we ever shared them. Mine is definitely different, having moved to a new country and all and sharing it with Shira, so here's ours --> https://i.imgur.com/akN3URV.jpg

Off camera we have a corner couch (which is where I took the photo from), which has large posters of BotW and Mario Odyssey in the corner on the wall like the Mario Kart 8 poster. The blue tape is from over a year ago when we were planning on where to put shelves for our F4F figures of Crash, Link, and Spyro, along with an extra shelf for the N64 to sit on above the SNES.

Left shelf is all Nintendo games, right shelf is all PlayStation. We try to keep each generation to its own shelf although PS4 is soon going to need a third shelf. Gasp

RE: Your Gaming Setup - queenzelda - 01-06-2019

My set up has changed since new year! I'll take pictures asap. But I have a 4k HD 49' smart LG TV that makes my PS4 & Xbox One games look sleek. xp So far I have current gen consoles hooked up to it, along with a few older ones: GameCube & PS2. Along with the new windows 10 PC I got for it.

In the study I now have a 39' HD TV hooked up to older gen consoles, my PS3, Xbox 360, & PlayStation.

The living room; to the left of the tv is where all of our video games are.
[Image: img_2018.jpg]

In the middle of the living room is our 4k hd tv set up with our video game consoles under the tv;
[Image: img_2017.jpg]
Top left: Switch, bottom left: Gamecube, top middle: PS4, top bottom middle: Xbox One, top right: Wii U.
Right of the tv: Gaming PC [windows 10], & PS2.

In the room next to where I have our tv set up; is my study where the other consoles are located;
[Image: img_2019.jpg]
From left to right: Playstation console, bottom left: vcr/dvd (anime movies on vcr/dvd player), PS3, (Gamestop switcher), & Xbox 360.