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Persona 5 - Yuri - Apr 2nd, 2019

I figured I'd get around to posting some Persona 5 news in this brand new Persona topic!

So for those of you unaware their been recent news of a new title under the Persona 5 brand called

Persona 5 The Royal

Persona 5: The Royal seems to be taking place during the main events of Persona 5 and the teaser introduces a mysterious girl who is asked a question about what she think of the phantom thieves and she doesn't seem to have a favorable opinion about them. The rumors are either a Persona 4 Golden type situation (New story content and a new character) or a Persona 3 Portable type situation. (Female option for the protagonist)

interestingly enough Smash date miner have found evidence that this girl may appear as an alternate costume for Joker in the Smash Bros Ultimate DLC. Smile

We will be hearing more about P4R April 24th!

Recently revealed like today is a site for Persona 5 S was recently brought online with the date April 25th for more information. It seems to be a big new year for Persona 5! What do you think of this update could P5S be for a switch or a spin off? What do you think about Persona 5 THE ROYAL? Do you think the girl a new protagonist or a new character in the story?  Hmm

RE: Persona 5 | Two new P5 games announced! - Metallix - Apr 3rd, 2019

I doubt it’ll be on the Switch. So far it seems like wishful thinking.

That said I still have to finish the game in the first place. Lol

RE: Persona 5 | Two new P5 games announced! - Dragon Lord - Apr 3rd, 2019

There's apparently been a leak via Best Buy that "confirms" Persona 5 coming to the Switch.

Normally I wouldn't care if Persona 5 went to the Switch, but after how whiny and entitled Switch fans have been about Persona 5 (to the point a lot of them say it's their right to have P5 on Switch), I don't want to see the game on there. I really hope it turns out to be some spin-off for PS4, just to pour the salt on the Switch children.

Or even better, P5S does turn out to be a Switch port, but it's only the vanilla game and only PS4 gets P5R. If P5R does turn out to be an enhanced version of P5 akin to P4Golden, then only giving the Switch fans the vanilla version would be a huge slap in the face to them, and it would be great.

RE: Persona 5 | Two new P5 games announced! - Yuri - Apr 4th, 2019

I honestly still have to complete the game and I want too it just I kinda get burnt out from marathoning it and need a break. XD

@Night Lord: Yeah the hype for P5 on the switch seems a bit too far imo. Its basically a meme at this point and I'm kinda like I can see why some people would want it on the switch, but I personally wonder if it would play that well on the Switch or what would potentially have to be sacrificed? Kinda like in P3P the overworld was reduced into VN style, but that was fine. If P5R is the golden that probably the only one I would pick up and I still am hoping for another playable character! Mainly because....I don't think an extra dungeon and another "love interest" really is enough to justify buying the game again full price. :thinking:

Though I'll admit..if Persona 5 S is for the switch...I may just pick it up for the collector edition steelbook. I loved the PS4's steelbook!

RE: Persona 5 | Two new P5 games announced! - Mr EliteL - Apr 12th, 2019

The "S" points to it being S for Switch, or perhaps S for Super, after how Joker's going to be in Smash but stand for new P5 content a la Golden. Something along that. S needs to be for something, and those are the only two things I can think of, with the second thing perhaps changing the word for S.

But yes, this year seems like a good year for Persona 5 fans. Would be cool if that new female character for Royal is an alt for Joker in Smash too. Also for Royal, her having an unfavourable opinion can mean either as a new character to try and befriend, or covering her tracks as being a part of the thieves, as if she was the alternate protagonist (and as I've seen part of the game, a different route as to the male character, but seems a bit too much of a change to be the case?) So damn, could go either way.

RE: Persona 5 | Two new P5 games announced! - Yuri - May 3rd, 2019

So an update for the two new P5 titles! I'll admit I probably should of posted these sooner but here they are now:

Persona 5 Royal Trailer:

The royal adds a few new characters like Kasumi and a new councilor will be appearing as a new confidant in the story!

Kasumi is confirmed to be a new phantom thieve and her presence will effect the story of P5 and along with these new character the game has been extended to allow you play a third semester!

A mysterious handsome man that is probably Morgana how did he become human!?

Along with the return of partner attacks. new hangout spots, new content in palaces, new areas and so much more! I am hyped, but I am also disappointed because I frankly would of preferred another protagonist over a new party member sorry Kasumi!

As for the reveal of P5S it turns out it called Persona 5 Scramble! it going to be a game similar to the warrior games that have been crossovering with everything! This will be coming out for the PS4 and Switch!

I won't be picking this up, but for those that enjoy these type of games I hope you have fun!

RE: Persona 5 | P5R & P5S Trailer reveals! - Dragon Lord - May 4th, 2019

New female instead of a FeMC pretty much kills any worth P5R would have had. I'll wait to buy it when it's like $5 in a sale. I will say though, at least the new character is cute, which is something none of the other female characters in P5 can say. So even though she's not a FeMC, at least she's something Persona 5 hasn't had until now -- a good looking female character.

P5S is just lol-worthy. You're going to take a mediocre series and then turn it into a musou, which is one of the most generic types of games out there. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed Musou games in the past, because they are good for just having mindless fun that you don't need to put any thought or effort into, but they are cheap when it comes to quality.

The best thing that came out of these announcements was the sound of millions of hearts breaking from all of the Switch fanboys who knew for a certain fact that P5S was a Switch port of P5R. It was glorious music to my ears.

RE: Persona 5 | P5R & P5S Trailer reveals! - Yuri - May 4th, 2019

I actually really liked most of the characters design for the original P5 the only one I didn't particularly care for is Haru's but Haru is a good character though. Kasumi design is pretty cute she feels a bit more moe to me than the others, but I think that was a particular design choice to make her look a year younger than everyone else.

My only hopes in P6 they'll actually take the time to do a male and female MC, but I don't have my hopes up about this happening anytime soon....maybe will see P6 in 2025 because I bet they'll be milking the P5 train for quite a while! Plus they still are working on SMT V.

Oddly enough the musou type games I never remember hearing about the original games are all of them crossovers and is there any story to them or is it literally just a beat-em up with weak enemies that you just destroy? I kinda have a feeling with these type of games I would get bored if there no story to keep me interested....

You should of seen Reddit Night Lord it was chaos!

RE: Persona 5 | P5R & P5S Trailer reveals! - Dragon Lord - May 4th, 2019

Most musou games don't have much of a story at all and it's mostly just about mindlessly beating up hoards of enemies. I think the only musou games that really offer much in the way of story are the ones that kind of started the genre, like Dynasty Warriors and ones like that.

RE: Persona 5 | P5R & P5S Trailer reveals! - Mr EliteL - May 5th, 2019

Another Musou/Warriors game, how'd I not think of that? Persona's jumped on that train too, eh? Well, Switch users did get what they wanted: a P5 game, just not the one they were expecting.

Unfortunate about Kasumi not being an MC. Might've been too much to ask, needs to be something from the get-go perhaps. Could've been good if Akira could still be there, but story is told from Kasumi's perspective. New character's got to mean something at least so her presence changes the story a bit at least, plus all the new stuff from the new version of the game. Still quite neat.

RE: Persona 5 | P5R & P5S Trailer reveals! - Yuri - May 7th, 2019

I could see that working that the FMC is a different character there actually an example of that in Persona 2 where the two games share the same characters and the two protagonist are featured in both stories.

For Persona 3 basically instead of them being a boy they were born a girl instead and while the story proceed overall the same there are differences in it and different interactions that happen because of the different genders Overall I really like how they did the different gender protagonist and I really hope they'll consider doing it again sometime. DOn't get me wrong having separate characters work good too, but it always interesting to see how things could be different.

RE: Persona 5 | P5R & P5S Trailer reveals! - Moon Nook - Jun 10th, 2019

E3 2019: Persona 5 Royal Trailer and Release Window
A new trailer has been released for Persona 5 Royale, which will be coming to the West in 2020.