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Holiday 2019 - Mr EliteL - Dec 25th, 2019

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I know people are doing different things across this week, but would to be good compile what they were and how your day(s) went in one place. Also perhaps include the New Year later too in here, since last year's didn't have as many posts as the holiday topic.

Christmas Eve I didn't do much, played a bit of Code Vein, CTR:NF and Pokémon Shield. My brother and his partner arrived late as my bro locked his keys inside somewhere and had to wait for his spare key to be delivered by partner's dad. Poor guy, deserves a good rest today.

RE: Holiday 2019 - Yuri - Dec 25th, 2019

Merry Christmas everyone! For xmas eve I just went out to my auntie's house and had a meal with my family and did a gift exchange it was pretty fun.

Today going over to my second oldest nro's house that should be fun too. Smile

RE: Holiday 2019 - Moonface - Dec 25th, 2019

Christmas Eve was spent working a 9 hour shift with no break, followed by a party at @ShiraNoMai's aunts place with all the family. I enjoyed it since I love hanging out with all of them, although for some reason I always end up hanging with the older people the most more than the younger ones. ROFL

For today, just relaxing. Did gift opening last night at Shira's mums, and then this morning with each other. This is what I got:
  • Google Pixel 4 phone (didn't expect this and like replacing anything that still works, trying to just mentally tell myself that my phone is old even if it does work fine and therefore it is fine to update it XD)
  • Accessories for said phone, like a case, wires, etc.
  • Soda Stream. For those who don't know what it is, it's just a machine that carbonates liquids.
  • A new pair of shoes. Mine have started to finally wear thin, although again, as a man I would continue to use them for the next 5 years until my feet literally fall out of them. Thinking of, I need new work boots.
  • Fitbit Inspire HR. I can't wait to have it tell me my sleep is so bad that I should be dead.
  • A pair of socks.
  • Various Christmas candy.
  • A T-shirt with Pikachu dressed as Sasuke.
  • A Mario themed sweater/hoodie thing (but it has no hood).
  • Some gaming themed sign I don't remember what it says. XD

RE: Holiday 2019 - Mr EliteL - Dec 25th, 2019

Ooh, some real goodies there Moony. Hope your fitness tracker lasts much longer than mine (completely different brand, but still). Well that everything manages to continue to work properly. I do believe I bought a load of crap though. XD

Gifts I received:

Fire Emblem Three Houses
Anne Stokes 2020 Calendar (usually buy my calendar myself, but let another get it this time for me)
Rise of the Shield Hero novel volumes 9 & 10
Celldweller End of an Empire CD + Offworld CD
Toy Story 4 DVD
The Wild Thornberrys Complete Series box set
Hello Panda and fudge
Star Wars origami book (many to do, but I'll make at least one)
A model tank
A comical book about being British
Book on wildlife found in living areas (towns and such which expands into conservation-like places, if a town has woods or whatever)

My Dad joined us for dinner, watched Moana kinda, some other TV shows, played a board game and card game and now watching Trihex play Pokémon and opening presents.

RE: Holiday 2019 - queenzelda - Dec 26th, 2019

From my parents I got: clothes, jewelry, a GameStop gift card I plan to use online since I'm not walking in to a store. Some cooking utensils, which is nice. I also got some cash which I plan to save it towards a PS5.

From my in-laws;

& From my husband Jing;

RE: Holiday 2019 - ShiraNoMai - Dec 26th, 2019

-squints at queen's photo of things Jing got her and noticing ME: Andromeda is among them- Mellow

This year's been interesting to be a part of. It's the first in our new home. Everyone got good gifts. The annual Christmas Eve at my aunt's was on-brand, as expected.

Getting older, I've found more joy gifting the gifts than receiving them, but nonetheless thoroughly enjoyed everything I got.

RE: Holiday 2019 - queenzelda - Dec 26th, 2019

(Dec 26th, 2019, 10:52 PM)ShiraNoMai Wrote:
-squints at queen's photo of things Jing got her and noticing ME: Andromeda is among them- Mellow
I got a  2 pokemon stuffles Bayleaf, Larvitar, with 3 games Mass Effect Andromedia which I hear has a good story (Yea, I know the animation is crap but its fine. I read a manga once for the story even though the drawing style was crap impo.) The other games I got are Pokemon Sword & Starlink for the Switch with StarFox McCloud.

RE: Holiday 2019 - Mr EliteL - Dec 27th, 2019

Great gifts there, Queen. Andromeda confused at first but saw your reason, so hope that turns out OK.
You getting two Pokémon plushes reminded me of finding a Growlithe one that I was very tempted to get, but didn't. WHY.

Yesterday played a six player, over 5 hours long game of Monopoly (physical board). Even then the last player who was going to go out had to concede instead of playing to the finish. My Dad had a long run of luck avoiding the other player's owned properties, who had all available houses plus 6 hotels on them, but eventually had to take a few hits. Probably would've conceded or lost earlier, but we were all interested in when he was going throw a bad move or two. Never saw a game last that amount of time before. XD