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Devil May Cry 5 - Mr EliteL - Jun 10th, 2018

The Devil May Cry series is finally back with a proper sequel to DMC4, the trailer and announcement shown during Microsoft's E3 Conference.

Nero with a new appearance (has Johnny still as VA, so older?) and a woman appear in the trailer, with Nero fighting off demons, and having some kind of new arm? Plus Dante appears at the end on a motorbike. Nero mentioned Kyrie, but I need to see the trailer again. Was she in a cloak, is she the woman, looking completely different to what I'd think she'd look like. I hope the woman at the start is someone else who joined Nero, and not Kyrie. *sees trailer again* OK, the woman is definitely a new character I believe, Kyrie was off screen, Nero was attacked and lost his demon arm from the person in the cloak. Woman made him his new arm. Not a bad look into the story of the game.

I'm kind of excited? I mean, certainly want to see more and need to get used to these new character designs. Look quite different to DMC4, but has been 10 years for us, so there was bound to be changes visually.

EDIT: After watching yet again, I'm not so sure about whether this is indeed an actual sequel to the original series or to DMC, and if the former, when it's taking place. I was assuming a few years after DMC 4, hm. Not sure how to feel. XD

RE: Devil May Cry 5 - Yuri - Jun 11th, 2018

Excuse me...but I must do this.....

The new action Shin Megami Tensei game sure looks great! Grin

RE: Devil May Cry 5 - Maniakkid25 - Jun 11th, 2018

Does this mean we're getting closer to finally writing DMC 2 out of canon? Because that would be finally nice to just say "right, DMC 2 was a screw up; it doesn't exist anymore," and finally get it over with.

Actually kind of excited to finally see a DMC sequel. Thought Capcom had given up on the franchise after DmC: Devil may Cry (not to be confused with DMC).

Edit: and now that I think about it, what was nice about the trailer was that we could see actual segments of *gasp* gameplay footage! So we haven't forgotten such a lost art yet!

RE: Devil May Cry 5 - Monocle - Jun 11th, 2018

I mean it looks great. the designs are throwing me off but I'll adjust. I liked nero enough so I'm not upset about that. I know it is just a teaser but the gameplay looked just like dmc4 but prettier. aside from zapping enemies, which week be SO much fun, I'm hoping a lot more changes. I liked the gameplay of DmC so I don't want them to abandon that because of the other generally disliked changes

RE: Devil May Cry 5 - Mr EliteL - Aug 22nd, 2018

DMC5 Gamescom 2018 Trailer

Packed into this short but sweet trailer is more gameplay with Nero's new abilities, new bosses and enemies as well as another finish with Dante and his bike. Perhaps not in the way you'd expect. There's a full 15 minutes or 18 minutes of gameplay footage on IGN's channel or PlayStation Access if you're interested too.

Still looking awesome. Loving it. Grin I however dn't wish to watch the longer gameplay videos cause I don't wanna. Do want to know what's up with Dante still, but I can wait. I don't know if either one shows Dante, but I assuming it's all Nero.

RE: Devil May Cry 5 | Gamescom Gameplay Trailer - ShiraNoMai - Aug 23rd, 2018

That combat is looking nice and smooth. I still enjoy that they got Johnny back to voice Nero, since I recall him mentioning in a panel once that he loved playing Nero.

RE: Devil May Cry 5 | Gamescom Gameplay Trailer - Moonface - Sep 5th, 2018

Did anyone else see the guy who spent three days at Gamescom playing this until they achieved an S rank? XD

RE: Devil May Cry 5 | Gamescom Gameplay Trailer - Mr EliteL - Sep 5th, 2018

Didn't know about that. Did just watch a guy get an S Rank and PAX West, don't know if it's the same guy. From the DMC5 twitter, they were the 2nd person to get S Rank, so sounds like they're different people then. They must've had plenty of booths weren't bothered by how long people took or weren't too busy to allow the same guy on there.

Anyway, did enjoy watching them whoop demons with Nero, from trailers and that his fighting style is still cool. =3