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The King of Kong that fell never was King... - Maniakkid25 - Nov 16th, 2020

*in best Jim Sterling impression* Strap yourselves in, kids; this one gets tasty.

Okay, so here's a quick recap for those that don't know what I'm babbling about with this title: in the annals of video game history, there was a man who stood above all others as the pinnacle of gamerdom. He held high scores in legendary games like Donkey Kong, and was even crowned Video Game Player of the Century. That man was William James Mitchell, and everything was fine. Until 2018, when it was discovered that he faked his million point scores on Donkey Kong via an emulator, despite submitting it in the arcade board rulings. This instantly stripped him of all his records, and left him a disgraced gamer.

And Billy didn't like that. Not. One. Bit.

So, in 2019, he filed a lawsuit against Twin Galaxies (case number 19STCV12592, to speed up your searches), the adjudicator that stripped him of his records, citing defamation, hoping to get Twin Galaxies to kneel under pressure, and make them put back up his scores in order to make this all go away. There's just one problem with that: Jace Hall. See, in 2014, he bought Twin Galaxies, and he isn't gonna play that game.

They first filed a move to dismiss under anti-SLAPP rulings (basically, they were saying the suit was trying to get them to shut up and play along). This actually failed, and so they had to start digging in preparation to defend themselves in court. And now, we get to the juicy part.

Currently, this is only a request, but on November 4 of this year, Twin Galaxies submitted a request to file a "cross-complaint". Basically, they had their own lawsuit they want to file. AND BOY, IS IT DAMNING FOR MITCHELL!  See, in their investigations, they basically found out that Billy Mitchell has fabricated HIS ENTIRE CAREER, with help from Walter Day and Twin Galaxies, which he co-owned with Day. You name the achievement, they say he fabricated it. They are suing for fraud, breach of contract (the original sale was under the stipulation that there was no falsified information in the database), and F***ING RACKETEERING! That last one actually legitimately impressed me; you were such a scumbag that lawyers are throwing the RICO laws at you! BRAVO, GOOD SIR!

Again, this is merely allegations currently, but DAMN if they aren't swinging for the fences here. It's pretty clear that Twin Galaxies is in this for more than just to clear their name. They want to purge their entire history of Billy Mitchell and his cronies, and will not rest until it's done and dusted. You know, I once said that I thought Billy Mitchell had the skills to actually be able to complete his records if he tried. Now, I'm not so sure, but I do know that I'm getting a lawn chair ready. Dis gun b gud!

RE: The King of Kong that fell never was King... - ShiraNoMai - Nov 20th, 2020

Billy Mitchell is a name I hope dies to the history books and is never spoken of again in modern times for any relevance. He's a shitstain on the gaming and competitive community and I hope these newer suits put him down for good. Errm

RE: The King of Kong that fell never was King... - Moonface - Nov 24th, 2020

The fact that he keeps pushing to be legit with his scores despite probably never proving he can do it is already bad and enough to make the opposing party consider doing whatever necessary to make him fuck off. But to then discover that the company you bought was actually involved directly in fabricating his entire career and you wasn't told shouldn't be met with anything less than taking him and anyone else necessary to the cleaners.

I hope the guy isn't outright forgotten so as to not have someone else consider trying to pull what he did in any capacity, plus being famous for this sort of thing will haunt him forever, Obscurity is certainly a good punishment too, but that leaves the chance he can just hide it from people who aren't aware of this stuff already when it should be something people can discover about him easily the second they go putting his name into a Google search.

RE: The King of Kong that fell never was King... - Maniakkid25 - Dec 6th, 2020

To me, this whole thing is a perfect example of the Streisand Effect, mixed with echoes of the Silicon Knights lawsuit. For those that might not know, the Striesand Effect is when the attempt to bury the knowledge of something simply amplifies the knowledge of that same thing. The Silicon Knights lawsuit refers to a silly thing that the makers of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem did. Long story short: they sued Epic Games (yes, THAT Epic Games!), Epic counter-sued them when it was found out they illegally used their Unreal Engine to make their games.

Had Billy just shut up and laid low, none of this would have come to pass; if you read the documentation, they explicitly state they had no intent in persuing this matter had the Anti-SLAPP motion succeeded. But now, Twin Galaxies is airing ALL of their dirty laundry for the public record. And there's nothing quite as sweet as a douchebag being hoisted by his own pitard.