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Video Game Caption Contest #78 - Moonface - Dec 1st, 2021

U N I V E R S A L G A M I N G ' S

It's time for another video-game caption contest! It should be obvious what to do; you just need to submit a caption for the video-game related image provided, and once the deadline has passed the winner will be determined via a poll.

Things To Keep In Mind...
  • You do not need to put your caption onto the image.

  • One entry per member. If you wish to change your entry, please edit your original entry post.

  • All captions should be formatted to use a single line, as I can not place multiple lined entries into polls.

  • Please do not vote for yourself when voting is open.

  • Participation is worth 50 XP.

  • A victory is worth 150 XP.

  • The deadline for entries will be December 10th.
If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Also, if you have an image to recommend for a future video-game caption contest, please supply the image to me either within this topic or via a PM. Smile

Here is the image for the Video Game Caption Contest #78:

[Image: Caption-Contest-78.jpg]

RE: Video Game Caption Contest #78 - Mr EliteL - Dec 3rd, 2021

Wondered what I was going to find as I saw the top of the image that didn't look like an it was taken from a video game. XD

Lady, now where's my grub, huh?

RE: Video Game Caption Contest #78 - Moonface - Dec 9th, 2021

"Welcome to Lucario's Ristorante. May I start you off with some appetizers?"

RE: Video Game Caption Contest #78 - ShiraNoMai - Dec 11th, 2021

"Right, now that we're done with our meal, let's get down to business: the contract work will consist of-"

RE: Video Game Caption Contest #78 - Moonface - Dec 15th, 2021

Voting is now open! Good luck to everyone who submitted an entry. Grin