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BlazBlue (Series)
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Discuss the BlazBlue Series here! Keep Cross Tag Battle talk over in this topic.

Who has played them? What do you own? Who are your favourite characters to play? What do you think of the games?

I own Calamity Trigger (PS3), Continuum Shift (PS3), Continuum Shift II (3DS), Chrono Phantasma Extend (PS3), Central Fiction (PS4). Haven't really played Calamity Trigger as I got that after Continuum Shift. Really enjoyed Legion Mode when it was a thing in Continuum Shift. Abyss Modes were OK I guess. Also enjoyed all the story modes I've played, quite a complex plot to follow. I know one thing though, Hazama and Terumi are great. :XD

I play Hazama mainly, with Terumi, Ragna and the odd others on the side but usually those three. Would like to learn more, was in the process of learning Makoto in CF. Noel's good to play, Jin looks great in the hands of someone who knows how to play him.
[Image: Hazamasig.png]

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