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Defining moments of gaming (for you)
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For me the defining moment in a game comes with two diffent games & two different stories. xD

First is Chrono Trigger for the SNES. I had gotten to the very end of the game & Lavos kept kicking my ever loving a$$. Every tactic I tried nothing seemed to work & I would just end up with a game over screen over & over again. But each time I was defeated I didn't give up. I kept trying different party members, different attacks & just everything thing I could think of. Then one day I had had enough of being defeated & gcae up trying to beat the game. I was done. I dind't touch my controller for near on a week. I didn't go back into the game until the next week & went to lvl every character up. I fought as many monster as I could & then some. I used up all the speed tabs I had unsused, & did more level grinding. Evebtually, at lvl 80 with the party of Ayla, Marle & Chrono I finally beat lavos! It took a month of my trying to figure out how to do it on my own with out the use of a walkthrough but I did it & I was very proud of myself for accomplishing such a feat. It's what cemented Chrono Trigger as my top favorite SNES game is due to how hard the final boss is.

Game #2 is Final Fantasy VII & the defining moment for me is..
+Extra: Oh yea, there's also the whole thing with Suikoden 5.
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