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Review Fantasy Life [3DS]
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Fantasy Life is just like Animal Crossing mixed with Disney Magical World just with less about your owning a cafe & more about you making your way in your life. There's also this HUGE story about you saving the world in game & it's really cute.. Though a lot of the story reminds me of stuff I've been through before like with games such as Final Fantasy IV, & Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness (though I can't say more then that or I'll spoil some stuff XD), there are also a lot of moments where the butterfly who ends up being with your character reminds me of moments from Super Paper Mario with Timpany (in a weird sort of way; kinda). A lot of what seems to be going down also is very reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts lore (like from KH1 shall we say), along with the feel of Ni No Kuni: just with how grandiose everything feels as you explore all of the area's in the game.

Impo; this game is fantastic! BUT some of the lvl up system could use a boost & the lives where you choose to be a character that goes around fighting against monsters could use a little bit more spit & polish. Otherwise; once you get used to it: impo it's not so bad. 

I give Fantasy Life a 9/10 because it's too much like other stuff I've played before; but I ended up giving it a higher score cause it's also trying to do something new (such as allowing you to choose your own life & switch between them at will) as well. :3
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