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Let's Play Kya the Dark Lineage gameplay
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So yea, I did a few game play video's of Kya the Dark Lineage recently & I played it on my backwards compatible PS3. Also I'm sorry if the video is crappy as I took the video with my webcam on my netbook. ^^;

Part 1:

Oh yea also I had some observations that I had about this game so that every one can understand what I'm saying (just in case you can't hear me to well in the video). 

The creatures (the Nativ's) that Kya first wakes up & sees, remind me the Fire-gang from Jim Henson's Labyrinth movie: 

[Image: 328px-23.jpg] 
Nativ's Wrote:
[Image: 100px-Nativs.jpg]

Especially cause they kinda look a little alike impo. ^^; xp 

Also excuse my dog (Lexi -rip-) if you heard her sneezing in the background, she's been sneezing a lot after we got her. XD 

Oh yea, when you get to the area that has a lot of wind tunnels, there's an area like this in the hand held Legend of Zelda title the Minish Cap. When you get Link to Castor Winds, you have to time him getting past the wind area's there just right our you get blown off of the platform & lose a heart piece. Where as with Kya you seem to lose a bit of life force.

Then later in the game when you have to follow the Nativ down the slide, it reminds me of FF7 when Cloud has to ski, or even Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess where you have to ski in order to get to the Yetti's house. 

Also there's another spot where you have to get into the air flow in order to get up to higher places, Legend of Zelda also implements that same idea in Skyward Sword later as well. ;3

I can see why some one would think that this title reminds them of Zelda cause it has a lot of Legend of Zelda elements in it. Heck even the idea of the wolves is kinda the same even if they are wearing clothes. XD

Part 2:

In the area where I talk about where Kya going up into higher area's using wind, this is also used in Legend of Zelda Wind Waker (the wind temple where you have to have Makar with you) & Skyward Sword is another Zelda title that also tends use this same idea as well.

Also as Kya is flying around I noticed that the Loftwings are easier to handle then Kya is; but only by just a bit. 

HA that wolf got hit in his face. xp Btw: later on when I played this game with my husband Piro (as he & I swapped taking turns playing) he said: "Ha that wolf got an Ewok trap to his face!" XD

Part 3:

Lol it took a while for me to figure out how to switch the camera angle but I figured it out.. Eventually. xp

Also according to Hotspot;
Hotspot Wrote:
I have no idea what Nativs are :O I don't know if they were based off of any thing or not.

Looks like Skyward Sword, Minish cap and Twilight princess were all made after Kya was made :O
So, if anything.. they got the idea from Kya or one of their older games.

I know the creators wanted to have a LOZ feel when making Kya. Legend of Zelda Wind Waker came out around the same time as Kya. :O

So it looks to me like both companies Atari & Nintendo had the same idea for using wind in area's of game play just in different ways as Kya & Wind Waker both had this element of game play in them. 

Also my husband Jing & my best friend Yami Yugi both thought that the Wolves in Kya reminded them of the wolves in the newer PSN, Rocket Knight game: 

So maybe the people who developed the Rocket Knight game liked the wolf design from Kya & used it? I have no idea if this is true or not but it's still something to think about none the less. ;3 Oh, btw once I start playing this game again, I'll make sure to record it with my netbook's webcam & make some observations about the game as I go along. 

Still so far this isn't a bad game, it just seems to have some bad voice acting in it (impo ^^; ) is all.
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Kya Dark Lineage is one of my favorite games! It's a great game, that could really have gone somewhere.. but the problem it didn't get too far, was poor advertising. Also the fact that 50 million other Platformers were out there as well(In 2003).. so in a world of shoot em up games, Kya could possibly do better now, especially with the enhanced graphics we have now.. I'd love to see a Kya game similar to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.. it would be perfect to make it similar to BOTW, in the sens of world exploration.

There's so much room for improvement with the game, that they should have considered a sequel. The official Eden Games Twitter, even said Kya was their favorite title.

I literally just got an official Kya Dark Lineage snowboard today, only 30 were made, back in 2003. A fellow friend and fan of mine, had two, and he let me buy one from him. So I feel special now.

Some of my posts are satire, so don't take me too seriously! : P

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