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Yoshi (Series) - Moonface - 01-11-2019

[Image: 300px-Yoshi_logo.png]

With the recent announcement of Yoshi's Crafted World coming out on March 29th and a new story trailer for it, I figured now is a good a time as any to make a thread for everything about the Yoshi series of games! Grin

I know we have a few Yoshi fans here, so what is your (least) favourite game in the series, and how excited are you for Crafted World? Smile

RE: Yoshi (Series) - queenzelda - 01-11-2019

I don't consider myself a Yoshi fan, but I do enjoy the Yoshi titles. I'd say my least favorite Yoshi title, was Yoshi's Woolly World. I tried to play it & got pretty far in the game, but it just wasn't that great impo. It just felt rushed. I'm hoping there's more polish to Crafted World when it's released. I might wait to see what reviews for it are before I consider getting it.

RE: Yoshi (Series) - Moonface - 01-11-2019

I found Woolly World to be OK, but it's the only one I've really played a lot of so I don't really have anything to compare it with. If you felt it was rushed I'd be surprised if Crafted feels the same, only because the game was delayed so in theory it should be getting the time it needs.