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Yoshi (Series) - Moonface - Jan 11th, 2019

[Image: 300px-Yoshi_logo.png]

With the recent announcement of Yoshi's Crafted World coming out on March 29th and a new story trailer for it, I figured now is a good a time as any to make a thread for everything about the Yoshi series of games! Grin

I know we have a few Yoshi fans here, so what is your (least) favourite game in the series, and how excited are you for Crafted World? Smile

RE: Yoshi (Series) - queenzelda - Jan 11th, 2019

I don't consider myself a Yoshi fan, but I do enjoy the Yoshi titles. I'd say my least favorite Yoshi title, was Yoshi's Woolly World. I tried to play it & got pretty far in the game, but it just wasn't that great impo. It just felt rushed. I'm hoping there's more polish to Crafted World when it's released. I might wait to see what reviews for it are before I consider getting it.

RE: Yoshi (Series) - Moonface - Jan 11th, 2019

I found Woolly World to be OK, but it's the only one I've really played a lot of so I don't really have anything to compare it with. If you felt it was rushed I'd be surprised if Crafted feels the same, only because the game was delayed so in theory it should be getting the time it needs.

RE: Yoshi (Series) - queenzelda - Jan 19th, 2019

I'm hoping that Crafted World is a bit better. At least it looks a lot better, gameplay wise. I also feel like it reminds me a bit of LBP in spots mixed with bits of Paper Mario & the areas of the 3DS where they added paper craft stuff.

Still, I'll wait for the game to release & read a review or two before diving in this time around. But, having played the past Yoshi titles, I'd have to say that my favorite so far would be Yoshi's New Island for the 3DS. But even with there being no baby mechanic in the WiiIU/Switch titles, I feel that it's lacking having them. Cause with that mechanic in; I feel like the game is a bit harder. Otherwise it's kind of a walk in the park, without it impo.

RE: Yoshi (Series) - Amalthea - Jan 19th, 2019

I haven't played any recent Yoshi titles, but I looove Yoshi's Island for the SNES Tongue

RE: Yoshi (Series) - Mr EliteL - Jan 20th, 2019

Only played Super Mario Bros. Advance 3: Yoshi's Island for GBA, and Yoshi's New Island for (3?)DS, but haven't completed the latter. Can't really say I have a least favourite because of that, but the first based on the original was an excellent game. Was interested in Yoshi's Story for Virtual Console, but never got it. Woolly World looks like a fun game. Crafted World looks like another one too. Somewhat interested in this one. :3

RE: Yoshi (Series) - ShiraNoMai - Jan 22nd, 2019

(Jan 19th, 2019, 04:44 AM)Amalthea Wrote:
I haven't played any recent Yoshi titles, but I looove Yoshi's Island for the SNES Tongue

Ah, a person of culture! Island for the SNES is the penultimate for the series as a whole. I'm unsure if Nintendo could ever hope to top that, considering it was already a marvel for its time in terms of graphics and innovation. They'd have to pull something off on a Breath of the Wild scale to be able to pull the series out from where it is now. Not that it's in a particularly bad place; it has just vastly strayed from the original formula in favor of the cutesy exploration-paced take on the series.

I really appreciated what they did with Woolly, I might add. A lot of Island attributes, like Extra levels, unique and clever level design for puzzle-solving on collectibles. Even the music was calling back to some semblance of fun and creativity (Island DS and especially Island 3DS had particularly uninspired and bad soundtracks and audio design).

As for the newest entry, Crafted, I called it being a Yoshi's Story-inspired title from the moment they showcased it at E3 2017: The slower-paced movement, the deliberate 2.5D pathfinding, and now with the latest trailer, the plot is plucked straight from Story! Not that that's a bad thing, I just find it interesting they chose to do an Island approach with Woolly and now a Story approach with Crafted.

RE: Yoshi (Series) - Moonface - Feb 16th, 2019

Yoshi's Crafted World Demo Available Now
A demo is now available to download from the Nintendo eShop for Yoshi's Crafted World, as announced in a recent Nintendo Direct.

Have you tried the demo yet? What are your thoughts? Smile

I haven't played it personally, but I did watch Shira play it (because of course she's played it) and the game looks good. There didn't seem to be much implementation of the stage flipping feature, which for something that's a new feature, I expected it to have been given a little more focus for the demo.

RE: Yoshi (Series) - Mr EliteL - Feb 24th, 2019

Had to watch the Direct gameplay trailer again to see what was in there. I suppose they weren't show too much in the demo level, I assume is the first level of the game. I take it the was only one level, as I didn't complete it fully, nor hunt for 5 cows. Flipping perspectives upside down, around to the background side seems reliant to switches/a specific winged cloud (does that have a name/term?), so the only one I found was the end of the level flip for chasing the pups to the old start point. Would've been better to see a bit more of the features in a later level. Still, was fun and so cute.  =3

Did you guys watch all the way around the title screen?

RE: Yoshi (Series) - Moonface - Feb 25th, 2019

(Feb 24th, 2019, 12:44 AM)Mr EliteL Wrote:
Did you guys watch all the way around the title screen?
I don't think so. What happens?

RE: Yoshi (Series) - ShiraNoMai - Feb 25th, 2019

Been catching Trihex apply some speedrun tech to the demo, and man, the game certainly has potential on that end of the spectrum. In the short time people have had with the demo, they've already discovered a couple of "unintentionals" with the mechanics, such as eggs being shot directly below you in quick succession adds lots of height to Yoshi. You can see his full demo-run below:

In terms of the flipping mechanic, I'm sure with it being just a one-level demo, it's hard to really grasp how often you get to flip sides during levels. I personally really enjoyed the flip-side after you've made it through the goal the first time. It's like experiencing the level all over again, but... reversed! Gasp

RE: Yoshi (Series) - queenzelda - Feb 26th, 2019

I played the demo & enjoyed it very much. I think the whole flipping the level 'thing' is really neat. I've yet to find all 5 cows, I have found at least 2. Tongue I plan to get it now cause of how much I enjoyed the demo.

RE: Yoshi (Series) - Mr EliteL - Mar 3rd, 2019

(Feb 25th, 2019, 03:48 AM)Moonface Wrote:
(Feb 24th, 2019, 12:44 AM)Mr EliteL Wrote:
Did you guys watch all the way around the title screen?
I don't think so. What happens?
You might have by, but what? That's like one of the first things I do when I open a Yoshi game (even though I've only now played three). If you didn't, there's more things happening behind the house that you can't see from the front.

@Shira: Ah, sweet Trihex done a speedrun of it already? Well, I suppose to be expected of him. I take it one instance of that unintentional tech was when Yoshi jumped over the first Piranha Plant where he at first had three eggs, but has two afterwards? The speedrun did look impressive.

Same here, Queen. Maybe not straight away, but will be high on my list of game interested in now.  =3 Need to try that find the Cows trial, didn't do that yet.

RE: Yoshi (Series) - ShiraNoMai - Mar 4th, 2019

Oh, was confused by what you meant there. Yeah he shoots an egg upward to hit a flower that's off screen, so he goes from three to two, then. Very brief moment but I can see how you think it just suddenly despawned or something XD

I wanna re-visit the level again (cuz I didn't get the time-trial Flower for the flip side since it doesn't exactly tell you the time in advance to know how quick you need to do the level) but I think I might just wait for the full version. Don't want to become too accustomed to the game before it releases!

RE: Yoshi (Series) - Mr EliteL - Mar 8th, 2019

Yeah, I saw the egg throw and wondered how Yoshi was able to jump over the plant at the same time, when the game obviously wants you to take the path above or smack it with an egg, and swear Yoshi couldn't jump that high in the first place.

I immediately repeated the flip side version of the level to get that Flower, since I didn't achieve it the first time either.