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Gears of War 5 - Relic - Jun 12th, 2018

Finally announced at E3, what are your thoughts on the next installation into the series? Seems Kate has the main role now unlike the previous game.

RE: Gears of War 5 - ShiraNoMai - Jun 10th, 2019

I've only played through a portion of the first game, so I can't say I have too much of an opinion on the characters, unfortunately. Seems cool, though!

Gears 5: The Months to Release + Escape Mode (E3 2019)

Multiplayer Tech Test
Participate in the tech test when you pre-order the standard or ultimate edition of Gears 5 on July 17th!

Horde Mode
If you're attending Gamescom this year (August 19), they will be debuting the Horde mode, which is one of 5 modes the game touts on having.

Ultimate Edition or Game Pass Ultimate:
Play the game 4 days early if you pre-order the ultimate edition, or get it as part of your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate!

Release Date:
Or, if you want to wait it out, September 10th, 2019 is when the game officially releases.

Escape Mode:

A group of 3 players (locally or online) work together in escaping a maze-like area as your bomb that you plant detonates, and of course swarms of enemies block your way out as you escape!